Since many centuries

Since six centuries weaving has been a hallmark of Aubusson and Felletin, it is the water purity of the river Creuse and the livestock wool that have greatly contributed to the installation of weavers.

Aubusson and Felletin

Ever since six centuries Aubusson and Felletin have been united by a traditional craftmanship shining out the whole world. 

To buy, vocational training

From the fleece to the woven piece, pursue behind the scenes  the discovery  of  the wool spinning factory and weaving workshop on up right looms 

Tapestry visit sites

Drill all the secrets of making an Aubusson tapestry during thematic guided tours: wool spinning, weaving workshops ...

Internships and trainings

Do you want to learn how to weave a tapestry? Courses in connection with wool (wool felt, low smooth tapestry, Saracen embroidery, tapestry point ...).


All year round, artists from all over the world presents theirs creative gushing in churches, galleries, museums…allow yourself to be surprise !