To the last crumb !

Beef and lamb from Limousin, chestnuts, and hazel nuts, cepes and girolles,, apple and blackberries. Here our cooking is simple but generous.

Eat-in or take-out

Here fast food also rhymes with quality, and local products ensure a responsible long terms economy. You will appreciate as much as we do.

Street market

In the south of Creuse, markets are above all matters of pleasant ambiances, flavors, colors, the real "art de vivre à la française" natural and authentic.

Traditionnal food

Taste a homemade like cooking, simple but generous:  beef and lamb from Limousin, chestnuts and hazelnuts, cepes and chanterelles, apples and blueberries.

World cuisine

Gastronomic specialties from here or elsewhere, are like a trip in your plate proposed to you to discover or re-discover new flavors.