Treasure hunt

Recreational activity aimed at the curious about any ages consisting in looking for, by means of an application, a "treasure" containing Poï' z.

Terra Aventura is inspired by a named world game géocaching. It is a treasure hunt which is outdoor practised by means of a (free) application. Boxes are hidden in the nature. The purpose? Discover the location of the hiding place, and the treasure which she contains!

"Au milieu coule une rivière" - Aubusson

"Aventures lainières" - Felletin

"Notre Dame de Sous-Terre veille" - St Quentin la Chabanne

"Mille pierres" - Gioux

"Entre histoire et nature, sur la voie des poupées" - Vallière

"Sur les traces des tailleurs de pierre" - Gentioux

They are more than 200 hiding places distributed on New Aquitaine, allowing to discover thanks to riddles and a little walking, the wealth of our history and our heritage.
A Dolly Bug is an object which moves from a hiding place to an other one and which we can track. It is originally up to a géocacheur and is going to live its own history during its adventures in hiding places.
Sometimes has a precise purpose and some are desired by part their rarity or their success. In any case Travel Bugs never leave unmoved the géocacheurs which find them.
If you find a Dolly Bug or if you even you wish to create and to put on the way of the adventure your own Travel Bug, meeting in the column Track travel Bug on the website


Aubusson bulletin météo